Age: 30 | Sex: Male | Height: 6'2"
Likes: Long-distance walking
Dislikes: Isaac's complaining

A humble traveler who is never seen without his tattered cloak, he is extremely self-reliant and practical. He carries with him what little money he has, using his alchemy kit to live day-to-day. His past is a mystery, nor does he have many friends, but he seems to be on some sort of search, the specifics of which he refuses to share.


Age: ??? | Sex: Male | Height: 0’5″
Likes: Eating and sleeping
Dislikes: Dougal's lack of complaining

Dougal’s Familiar, a very portly and well-aged tundra-dwelling icebat. Unlike most Familiars, Isaac has the peculiar ability to talk, and his gleefully misanthropic personality often grates on his master's nerves. Dougal has trouble explaining this, so he tends to keep Isaac's unusual intelligence under wraps.


Age: 32 | Sex: Male | Height: 5'9″
Likes: Transmutation, engineering
Dislikes: Less than genius-level IQ

Born and raised in the Imperial capital, he has an incredible superiority complex and the attitude to match. However, no one can dispute his skill with both alchemy and machinery – or the genius-level intellect that sealed his Academy membership. Still, why would he be in an isolated town like this...?


Age: ??? | Sex: Female | Height: 5’7″ without horns
Likes: Meditation sessions
Dislikes: War hawks

A member of the feran race who lives amongst humans, she does not quite fit into the societies of either. A shaman, she possesses unique mystical abilities, and works as a peacekeeper to help end conflict between the races.


Age: 52 | Sex: Male | Height: 6’4″
Likes: Tundra hunting
Dislikes: Wealthy Imperials

A hunter who sends his catch back to his small town in the north, he seems like a simple-minded strongman with a jovial personality, but possesses an shocking secret. He has an ongoing feud with the guard captain over the strength of his martial arts.


Age: ??? | Sex: Male | Height: ???
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???

A master alchemist who fled the Empire and has been living clandestinely in an abandoned tower. It is said that he became unhinged while attempting to finish his magnum opus, a clockwork machine of incredible complexity. Could he desire revenge against the Empire?


Age: ??? | Sex: Male | Height: 8’7″
Likes: Making new friends
Dislikes: Overheating

A clockwork tiger, Fei has been given a soul through alchemy, making him a homunculus, or artificial life-form. Although fearsome in appearance, his limited intelligence has caused him to adopt an incongruously childlike demeanor. He seems to be the sole link to Megistus in Isenbarr.


Age: Top-secret | Sex: Female | Height: 5’8″
Likes: Stealth missions
Dislikes: Divulging secrets

A beautiful and clever secret agent in the service of the Empress, she has unusual taste in fashion. She claims to have come to Isenbarr to execute a certain mission. She seems interested in Dougal, but is simply a ploy in the service of her objective?


Age: 36 | Sex: Male | Height: 6’0″
Likes: Helping out around town
Dislikes: Cheapskates

A friendly innkeeper who owns a homely place known as the Hotberry Inn. He has won “town’s best cooking” awards multiple times, and has a lively but shy daughter, Nira, who tends to go off exploring on her own. He lives on modest means, and is quite religious.


Age: 28 | Sex: F | Height: 5’9″
Likes: Praying, happiness
Dislikes: Evil

A priestess who possesses the mysterious divine gift of foresight, she leads the congregation of the local church with a kind, caring personality that borders on angelic. Strangely, she wishes for Dougal to leave, believing his stay in Isenbarr will end badly…


Age: 143 (human years) | Sex: Male | Height: 6’4″ (without horns)
Likes: Martial arts, punching things
Dislikes: Lazybones guards

The town’s guard captain, a gruff former soldier of fortune who is jaded to just about everything, and then some. He fought in the Great War a century ago, though he doesn't like to talk about it. Though old even by feran standards, he refuses to die until he has mastered every form of combat.


Age: 32 | Sex: Female | Height: 6’0″
Likes: Health insurance
Dislikes: Deadly diseases

One of the most prominent physicians in Isenbarr, she is known for her no-nonsense medical skills and exorbitant prices to match. Having studied for many years both in the Empire and abroad, she has an encyclopedic knowledge of the surgical arts. Her cool personality serves her well under pressure.

and many more...